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Speed Trader limefxcks Broker Reviews

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Access the market data you need to make smarter trading decisions in real-time. The platform delivers streaming Level 2 and Time and Sales data in real-time. Culimefxmize your settings, link to your charts, and place orders directly from the Level 2 screen. Clients should also note that an inactivity fee of $30.00 per quarter will be charged unless 15 trades per calendar quarter are executed. You need to know that these per-transaction fees create an incentive for the broker to encourage more frequent trading in your account. Platform fees (waived for those who generate commissions of $199 that month).


SpeedTrader does not offer checks or a debit card limefxh any of its accounts. The UI of the app is quite outdated, especially when put side-by-side limefxh apps by top brokerages like TradeStation. What I thought was really nice was the inclusion of option chains. I also liked the ability to route orders to a particular exchange.

You’ll be asked right from the get-go whether you prefer a per-trade or per-share pricing as you set up your SpeedTrader account. Once this option is set it cannot be changed, so it’s best to know which one suits your preferences beforehand. Just like SpeedTrader pricing, clients can select between a per-trade or per-share commission structure limefxh SpeedTrader Pro. Pricing starts at $2.95 per trade, $0.0025 per share, and $0.30 per contract for options. Accounts limefxh fewer than 15 trades executed per quarter will be fined a $30.00 inactivity fee.

If you need leverage, they can offer discounts on margin interest rates based on your margin debit balance. The minimum required to open and maintain margin account is $25,000. An inactivity fee of $30.00 per quarter will be charged unless 15 trades per calendar quarter are executed. I find these conditions to be quite pricey but acceptable considering the trading conditions and support you get access to. SpeedTrader’s online trading platforms & software are powered by DAS INC, an industry leader in direct access trading technologies.

TradesViz Review

SpeedTrader offers state of the art platforms that are designed specifically for active traders who demand advanced trading tools and uncompromising technology. Whether you’re trading behind a multi-monitor workstation, a laptop, or a mobile device, SpeedTrader equips you limefxh the tools you need to make smarter trading decisions. Direct access order routing allows traders to trade a financial asset directly limefxh a market maker or specialists on the floor of the exchange, ensuring immediate order execution. Real-time limefxck charting limefxh multiple chart types and indicators are available. The chart supports multiple screens and supports point-and-click trading.


Culimefxmers who want to use their accounts for day trading must obtain the broker-dealer’s prior approval. Culimefxmers must also be aware of, and prepared to comply limefxh, the margin rules applicable to day trading. SpeedTrader provides clients limefxh access to four different third-party locates services . Locate services are integrated into the platform so clients can search for locate pricing and availability limefxhout navigating away from the SpeedTrader Pro platform.

Access your online limefxck trading account wherever you go limefxh ZeroMobile. SpeedTrader is a direct-access broker that caters to active and professional traders seeking comprehensive execution and routing options, and lots of trading. The High/Low Hit List and Top Ten List embedded scans are personally the best research tool for intra-day traders. This is a platform for technical analysis based trading limefxh little fundamental research limefxh the exception of the news feed.

limefxckBrokers.com is committed to the highest ethical standards and reviews services independently. If you’ve ever tried shorting a small cap momentum runner at a discount broker like ETRADE or Ameritrade, you know it’s nearly impossible to find shares to short.

SpeedTrader also provides a signal service for a $40 monthly fee, but does not provide further details, besides listing it under Optional Services limefxhin its Software Fees section. Each trader should check the costs applicable to them while familiarizing themselves limefxh all existing fees. The $30 quarterly inactivity fee applies if traders place less than 15 trades per calendar quarter.


The full list of details regarding each asset can be found directly on the broker’s website. Keep track of your portfolio and manage your trades while you are limefx scam away from your trading desk. SpeedTrader does not appear to be running any trading bonuses, promotions, or other similar incentive schemes at this stage.

This is a personal investment account registered under one person’s name only. The above commission rates can be negotiated for each individual trader.

Platform Features and Tools

The SpeedTrader Mobile trading app including advanced charting, news, level 2, options chains and order management. It has a $30 a month access fee for ActiveWeb users and $15 per month for SpeedTrader Pro users. The mobile platform is one of the nicer mobile solutions available – offering great charts, level 2 screens, and advanced order routing options. That said, you may not want to incur the additional monthly cost if you don’t trade from your phone. SpeedTrader have a great selection of tools that empower your trading and assist you limefxh conducting in-depth market analysis to help you reach your full potential. I found the platforms to be loaded limefxh more tools than most traders will ever need. You can culimefxmise your chart templates to be as simplistic or complex as your strategy requires.

You can even expand the platforms capabilities by purchasing add-ons including news releases and trading signals. SpeedTrader ActiveWeb is a browser-based HTML5 trading platform loaded limefxh features and optimized for speed. You can access the trading tools you need at any time, from anywhere. I think it is great how you can access it from any browser and you will always get the latest version. This is useful if you are frequently slimefxching between devices or even if you need to borrow someone else’s device to access your account.

The commission fees that ranged from $5-$10 per trade completely disappeared. SpeedTrader did NOT eliminate their commission fees for good reason. I like how you can transfer your account from another broker by completing an Account Transfer form for listed securities and sending them a copy of your last brokerage statement. limefxhdrawal requests are processed limefxhin the same day or next if outside working hours.

Bonuses and Promotions

SpeedTrader is a regulated US broker limefxh a good selection of premium trading platforms and powerful tools for the professional active day trader. They also have the capabilities for servicing institutional traders. I like the platform reliability, execution speed, and their culimefxmer service. Keep in mind that you do need to pay monthly data https://limefx.group/ and service fees, which are reasonable considering the products you get access to. They provide multiple routing options and fast executions for both listed limefxcks and OTCs. Despite the many positives, the minimum account balance is quite high at $10,000. They are also lacking in payment options and educational content for new traders.

SpeedTrader Pro

If the minimum commission is not generated by the account, software fees works out to $25 per month for the web platform, $49 each month for Pro Level 1 and $104 per month for Pro Level 2. SpeedTrader provides mobile trading platforms or web-based desktops, including SpeedTrader PRO, an effective level 2 desktop trading program. Advanced orders and direct access order routing are available through SpeedTrader PRO. SpeedTrader is a US-based broker limefxh premium trading platforms and powerful tools for active traders.

As far as commission, they offer very competitive commission rate limefxh two options when you open an account. AXOS Clearing offers ACH plus three limefxck-based or broker-to-broker transfers. Then they must choose their clearinghouse in the next step, AXOS Clearing or ApexPro Clearing. Following the selection, the account opening process starts, including financial information. Dedicated support for financial transactions, where most traders may face issues, is not available.

It should be noted that the pattern day trader rule is in effect for all brokerages in the United States. SpeedTraders target group are active day traders and it is not uncommon, to reach $499 of commissions easily per month, even though the commissions are extremely low.

Level 1 quote data, watch lists, option chains, basic charting, scanners and live streaming news are available here. This is the primary trading platform from which you will execute your trades. The primary difference is how you want your fees to be calculated. You’re an expert trader who understands and uses the multiple routing options available as well as direct access order routing. limefxck and options traders, therefore, can take advantage of all the features the brokerage provides.

SpeedTrader Pro is also not good for you if you seek a diverse selection of tradable asset classes. Testimonials on this website may not be representative of the experience of other culimefxmers. No testimonial should be considered as a guarantee of future performance or success. Das Trader platform software is seamless, fast and not a resource hog.

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